Sunday, September 22, 2013

Oh, Baby!

On Thursday, September 19th, we found out the gender of baby #3. We went to a private ultrasound clinic called Cloud Nine & it was the most amazing experience. I wish I had known of this place when I was expecting the boys. Caleb, Toby, my mom, and my grandmother went with me. I kind of didn't want to find out because the excitement of not knowing was kinda better to me than actually knowing! Sounds strange, I know. I had really made peace with the fact that baby was a surprise and we knew God had bigger plans. We were hoping for a baby girl but also knew it was likely that we would carry on the boy trend. Within the last month and a half I was actually excited at the fact that it could be a boy! I love our two so much that I knew I would love another just the same. I had no intuition or any kind of inkling as we were walking through the doors of Cloud Nine. I laid down and felt the warm gel on my belly and as the wand made it's way to the left side of my belly..there he or she was! So tiny and precious. Then we saw the little bottom and the babies legs/knees. The tech said she had a "guess" but that she never tells anyone if it's a guess. Said the cord was too close for comfort and that she couldn't see defined parts of either. So I went to pee. I came back and in the same position we saw the same thing..except the cord was gone and the baby had it's little legs opened more. Her words were "Yep, I knew it! It's a LUCY!!!" (More on why she said "Lucy", later). While everyone in the room with me (Except for Toby..he was oblivious) was crying, I laid there stunned. I think the first words that came out of my mouth were "wait..WHAT?!" And the second thing I said was "Are you sure?" She then flipped the u/s to 3D and that was amazing! She also took so many potty shots from different angles to prove to me that she in fact..was a she! I asked if I could announce it to family and friends. The answer was Yes! I asked if I could tell Noah when he got home from school. Again, the wonderful tech said Yes! So then I asked if I could buy all things girl! YES! It's safe to say I spent the rest of that day in shock. I am very excited and happy and I wake up every morning wondering if that moment was a dream. Even though I didn't have an inkling as to what the gender was, I really thought I would remain an all boy mom...and I became fine with that idea. Now that we're having a little! It's weird though because I feel like I need more proof. Even though the "white lines" and the "hamburger" showed wonderfully between her legs, I still want more proof that a penis isn't going to grow! lol. It's not, I know that. But it's just a surreal feeling to know that my heart desired a daughter so badly, I got pregnant "accidentally"..and God had heard my heart and now we're here.

I had waited all day long to tell Noah that he was finally going to have a little sister! He got home from school and I handed him the envelope of the u/s photos with the words "It's a Girl". I told him to read it out loud. He very patiently looked around on the photos for the words and when he saw it he smiled so big and said "IT'S A GIRL!!!" Then he looked at her 3D image, pointed at it and said "Aww, there she is!!" That was the best moment of the entire day. When he speaks about his "little sister" my heart just melts. He has wanted this for so long.

Toby still doesn't even realize there's a baby coming and frankly I don't think he cares. The reason the tech said "Yep, it's a Lucy!" is because that's all Toby kept saying when we told him we were going into that dark room to watch "the baby" on the big screen tv. He calls Lucy, our chihuahua, a baby. So he kept chanting "Lucy" the whole time we were watching the baby on the screen. haha! It's cute I think.

I had an appointment with my OB the next day, Friday. I had still not gained any weight so far. Her Heart rate was at 146 and strong and I had labs done to detect any abnormalities. Hoping I don't get a call about those results. No news is good news they said. I go back October 11th to count the heart chambers and all the important stuff..and yes, I will ask to see another potty shot! ha!

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