Monday, December 2, 2013


There isn't another perfect title to this post right now other than "chaos!" It seems like there's no time for anything lately and I'm extremely worn out. The boys use to get along so well and were each others little best friends and then all of a sudden sibling rivalry had to make it's debut. It happens in all homes watch out! It's coming! They argue over tiny little things such as trains, cars, who gets to sit beside mom or dad, etc. Then there are the big fights in which they chase each other throughout the house and both are crying hysterically. Fun times, here! They'll eventually work their kinks out..but in the meantime, these chaotic days are stressing me out. I wake up at 4:45am and usually go to bed with the boys around 8:00ish. Toby isn't sleeping all night and usually has crying spells which can last all night long. I'm already sleep deprived so I should totally be ready for Bailee when she gets here! (crossing my fingers that she'll be a sleeper!)

I can't even believe I have ten weeks left before baby girl is born. TEN weeks! This pregnancy has flown by. I go on Friday, Dec 6, for my Rhogam shot & glucose testing. I passed with Noah but failed with Toby so we'll see how it goes this time. When I failed with Toby, I visited a nutritionist and checked my blood sugars several times a day for a few months and all numbers remained normal, thankfully. I am hoping to pass it this time around so I can skip the weekly visits and the multiple finger sticks a day, but i'm not too stressed about it at this point. Just ready for February and super ready to see our sweet girl!

Christmas is literally right around the corner and I was able to get a few things checked off our list last Friday. Not much, but it's a start. We aren't going to have a huge pile of presents this year but that's ok because the boys aren't really into a variety of things anyway. They tend to play with the same exact things over and over. Caleb and I don't do Christmas for each other - haven't in a very long time. We focus on the boys and make sure their morning is filled with happiness! It's not about the gifts but rather about the love we all have for each other. I'm so thankful for our family and our little home because at the end of the day that's all that matters.

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