Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I may be weird..

Forgive my last blog post. It was a lame attempt to catch up on many months. It may not make sense and there may be many errors, but who cares!

I may be weird because tonight I wrote a letter to my future self. Who does that? Me, apparently. I may or may not share that letter here on my blog in a couple of months..but we'll see.

I had my first prenatal appointment at the beginning of the month. According to my last monthly, I was going into the doctor as being eight weeks pregnant. I had all the fun stuff done first..ya know, poking, prodding, and things going up in places that I would love to forget about. Then came the ultrasound. The moment where Caleb and I would get to see our 8 week old little alien baby! We couldn't wait to see it's little alien head and arm buds coming from it's tiny little body. The moment of truth came and a baby popped up on the u/s screen. "Wait!"...I said. "That's a BABY!". Well, duh you big dummy. I said that because I thought we were going to see the beginnings of a baby..not an actual fetus with arms and legs and a normal-ish looking head. The tech was even surprised and said "you're further along than everyone thought!" I was actually going into my eleventh week. Wow! The heartbeat was good and strong - 170bpm. I was actually very excited about this pregnancy at that point! I still have days where I'm not so excited. The boys are fighting and my house is a wreck, there isn't enough closet space, not enough room, how will we ever afford it? You know, those crazy things most of us think about during times like that. But you know what, we'll make it. My house may be a wreck sometimes..but we work together and straighten it back up. We may not have enough space but I am learning better organizational skills and we'll find places for everything we need.. We may not be rich, but we can raise one more child and be just fine.

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