Monday, August 6, 2012

Life in general..

The boys are doing great. .racing throughout the house as I type this. Noah is on a tiny 'Cars' riding toy and Toby is faithful to his Coupe. I keep these in the house for them to ride because our yard is shitty and we have no shade. One thing I would love to do is bulldoze this house down, level our yard, add amazing top soil and the perfect grass, then rebuild our house. I'd add about a thousand square feet to the sucker this time around, too. Even though I helped with it all, I was at the end of my pregnancy with Noah and I was in a hurry and ended up allowing the wrong people to make decisions. I fully regret that. This house isn't anything like we thought it would be and we're starting to outgrow it. I have always looked at bigger houses with envy and I have always seemed to compare apples to oranges..but lately I've come to realize that it's not the house that makes the home. It's the people in it. I keep our house clean and somewhat organized (insert laughs here), and the boys have adequate space for all their things. I shouldn't compare and wish we had something more..that's totally wrong. I should be thankful for what we do have. Thankful that we were able to build our very first home and we're not stuck with rent for our entire lives. I will remain thankful!

Anyway, that's not where I thought this post was I'll move forward...

Noah has been doing slightly better about not pitching as many fits. I think it's partly because we've been spanking his little booty when he does. I know some people are anti-spanking, but I think that's what kids are lacking these days and that's why we have delinquent's running loose and getting into trouble. You don't have to spank your kids, but I'm going to spank mine! Toby gets a little whiny at times but he's able to be re-directed pretty quickly.

We went shoe shopping for the boys this past Saturday and got some pretty great deals. Noah has been begging for black Sketchers with neon green soles ever since he seen the Bell's Ad. We went and they did not have his size and he was so bummed out. Luckily Rack Room Shoes had the exact pair and size that he needed and we were able to get him a second pair half off! Hopefully they will at least last him until Thanksgiving lol. Toby has had the same Stride Rite's since February and they were 7 1/2's. I couldn't even put socks on his feet because his shoes are so small on him. He has been taking them off and not even wearing shoes lately because they hurt his little feet. I cannot stand Walmart/Kmart shoes and I refuse to buy them for my kids. They're not only tacky but hard and plastic! So, I've been putting off getting him new shoes until we made a mall run. Soo, he got a new pair of Stride Rite's and I'm so excited because they are anti-stink!! Seriously, that's what it says!! lol, love it! His feet smell SO bad and it's awful. Needless to say, I'm excited about shoes. He's in a 9!!!! I can't even believe how big my boys feet are.

Caleb accepted a job offer and has less stress on him now. I'm glad because the last place he worked at was a joke. The people he was over were dicks and wanted to try and out boss him. Stupid. He now works 4 days and has 3 days off!! I was so very excited because all the long days and hours are finally a thing of the past. His off days are Wednesday's, Saturday, and Sunday. So happy about that! I would write where he works but a certain MIL may have this link and that makes me nervous. Just praying this stays as good as it has been!

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