Sunday, July 1, 2012


We have two dogs, a Shih Tzu and a Chihuahua, and had no plans of adding on to our family at all. June 24th, we pulled into the driveway and there sat a big ole chunk of a Chihuahua (mix?) on our carport. You could tell she was scared by the way she looked at us but she didn't growl, try to run away, or anything. I posted her picture on the local animal shelter Facebook page and hoped her family could be found. Unfortunately, I think her family dropped her off at my house because she sat in that same spot and stared out toward the road all that evening. So sad. I put some food and water out for her and allowed her to sleep on the carport. I admittedly checked on her a couple/few times because we have coyotes and it made me nervous. I'm a huge animal lover and I want to keep every stray that comes along my path, however, I have learned that we can't always do that. We can love them until we find a home, but not keep every single animal that crosses our path. Noah is the same. The next day it was so hot outside and I let her on the screened in back porch, turned on the fan, and put ice into her water. She just stared at me with these big bugged out eyes and I couldn't resist. I opened the door and she walked right in. I told Caleb "Look who just walked in!" His response? "Someone had to open the door the let her in, right?"..haha! He caved and let her stay inside. I gave her a bath and she slept like a baby all day long, which made me think she was so scared being outside the night before and now she was finally able to relax. Bless her heart. We have had her an entire week and have no intentions of letting her go. She has grown on all of us and is a great girl. I'm not sure why the name Luna came into my mind, but she looks like a Luna! She snores, plays with Lucy, and goes OUTSIDE to potty!! YAY for a trained stray dog! We love her already...

Luna loves to sun bathe

Here she is laying inside enjoying the air conditioner.

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