Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Busy Busy!

Noah started First Grade on September 4th and he's doing great! He had his very first spelling test last Friday and made a 90! I'm so very proud of him! He has his moments where he doesn't want to cooperate before school but once we're on our way he's perfectly fine. I think all children have those moments - I sure did! Toby turned 2 on September 1 and we had a small birthday gathering here at our house. Nothing big as they aren't really in partying moods at this age lol. I love parties and I go all out while party planning so I do feel a little guilty for not having him a big party..but he enjoyed himself here at the house so I'm trying to not let it get to me. The boys are doing really well at bedtime and I usually have them both in bed by 9 or 9:30. Sometimes 8:30..just depends on how the day went. I can't believe how easy it is! I figured I would have a fuss but it's been pretty pleasant. I'm keeping Toby on his routine while Noah is in school and he is usually napping by 11a. I can either choose to tidy up the house or nap with him...and I usually choose the latter! haha. I have never gotten to nap in my adult life. Ever. Noah never napped and stayed awake 12 hrs+ even at newborn. Now I'm taking advantage! I nap whenever I get the chance and it feels wonderful!

I had my yearly today and my doctor asked me when I was planning on having baby #3. It caught me off guard because I've had it in my head that we're not going to try again. I tried talking the doctor out of me having a baby (LOL!) and basically all I got was an eye roll and a statement that pretty much went along the lines of "you have an almost 7 year old and a 2 year old. You're healthy almost 30 and I say go for #3!!".. Umm...reallly? Did I just hear someone try and talk me into having another baby? lol. I was so sure that we were finished that I didn't even know what to say or how to feel. It was weird. I went ahead and got a refill for another 12 mo of Orho Tri-Cyclen and I guess we'll see what lies in the future. Part of me doesn't want to get that filled, another part of me wants to continue taking it until I make a firm decision. However, I'm only getting older and if I keep waiting then I may be waiting forever lol. I also know that even though there is a high chance of me having boy #3  (I'd love him just as my other two boys) I just reallyyyyyy really want a daughter. I have c-sections so I do know that baby #3 would definitely be it for us. I'm so confused....

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