Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summertime Funtime :)

This may be a picture overload, but I need to catch up and start this bloggin' thing again. Especially since I suck at keeping up with both boys baby books. I will add, though, Noah's baby book was finished front to back before he even turned 3. Think I over did it a little? lol. To be fair, Toby's book has the important milestones recorded..Anyway I must post some pics of what we've been doing since summer break started a short two weeks ago :)

First, let me start out with T's first haircut!! I was a little upset because everyone kept hounding me about cutting his hair. He was continuously called a girl (Even by people related to him ugh!) and I got sick of it. I stupidly let peer pressure get the best of me and we had to cut the baby mullet. Here's the before. Note that this was a bad hair day - usually it was all curly and cute! sniffle

Here he is bravely sitting in Nana's lap getting his hair cut by our cousin, Lisa. My big boy!

Another first! Toby's first trip to Chuck E Cheese. Cousin McKinley's bday party.

T's very first time bowling and check it out! He got all the pins except for two! GO T!!

Noah and Zoe had a blast bowling - and Noah's ball went into the gutter as soon as I snapped the pic! haha! Love these kids!

Thanks to Pinterest, I just had to make the kids a car wash sprinkler! Well, I glued and my dad did all the work. lol - Too bad Caleb was at work and missed all the fun. baha!

Water hose fun. What kid doesn't like it? Well considering T is running for his life..I'm guessing he's not a fan. lol
    Zoe pouring a bowl of water over her head. She's so cute!

I have a cute story about the cute little dog above. It's my dad's beagle and he calls her "Girl". She gets so excited when she sees us that she whimpers and screams out like she's been hit by a car..oh, and she also throws herself on the ground as shown in the pic above. I've renamed her: Car Wreck, or C.W. when we have company LOL. I just love her and the boys go crazy everytime she's around. :)

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