Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Steals and Deals

Since everything has seemed to have fallen back into place (knock on wood), things seemed to have calmed down a lot around here. One great thing about this new position - he gets most weekends off. This. Has. Never. Happened. He does have to go into the office two Saturdays a month for just a few hours, but the rest is all ours :) I'm so happy!

 This past weekend we took the boys shoe shopping, which was long over due. Toby had outgrown his Nike's, which were a size 5. He has been wearing Noah's old baby Timberland boots but I get tired of him wearing those green boots with every single thing. And too, there's no bend a the toes and that has to be uncomfortable. We went to Stride Rite and I picked out the cutest little pair of shoes for Toby - size 7 1/2! BIG FOOT BABY! Of course they are a half size too big..but oh my! He is 17mo and wears a 7. He wears his little shoes all the time and loves them! He watches himself walk and can't stop staring at them..which must mean that not only are they comfy, but he loves the way they look :) While we were in there, Noah sees a pair of Star Wars light up shoes. He was sold before he even tried them on! lol, it was so cute seeing him so excited. He is such a Star Wars fanatic and has always wanted Star Wars shoes! I haven't ever bought him any because I despise the fake plastic shoes that come from Walmart and Kmart. They don't last a couple of weeks and they are so cheap looking! He wore those shoes out of the store and has had them on ever since. $111 later and they have shoes that will probably last three months tops. Good shoes are worth it, though. Then we got caught and drug in by Build-A-Bear. $18 for a naked stuffed animal..really? ugh

While walking through Belk, I come across the cutest Coach purse. I am a handbag fanatic but I have sold/given away every purse I have ever owned except for two. Long story, but they're gone :( I usually don't even carry name brand handbags, not Coach anyway. I'll put it this way, the most expensive purse I have ever owned was Dooney & Bourke and someone gave it to me lol. Anyway, that Coach purse caught my eye and I had to back up and drool. Poor Caleb..oh how I love him..he said "if you like it babe..lets get it!" My eyes got huge and I was like "NO!" These purses are expensive and I don't see any reason in spending ridiculous amounts of money on wants. I didn't need it. So to prove my point I flipped the tag over and showed him the price. It was one of  the less expensive Coach purses I'm sure - $148. He told me I deserved it, he loves me..and to go ahead and get it. I ended up saying no and we walked away. I then come up on Fossil purses..oh lord. I see one that I just had to have and it was a fraction of what the Coach purse was. We both agreed I get that one with a wallet to match. We walked to the register to purchase the items and the sales lady said she seen me eyeing the Coach bag and if I wanted it she would do 40% off my total purchase! WHAT?! I stood there in a pathetic sweat and I told Caleb to make that decision lol. He, of course, told her to ring it up. My husband is the best. I just love him..he's so good to us. Sigh..
Ok, so the lady rang up the two purses and wallet and my total after tax was $198 and some change!!!!! Holy crap, it was a steal ;) Earlier in the day I had went to Old Navy and got my spring wardrobe started and came out of there with a weeks worth of outfits for under $120 :) So proud of my deals! No coupons were given either haha

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