Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Holy Moly, I'm a slacker..

I cannot believe I haven't posted since early December. How lame am I? Ok, honestly...I have a valid excuse. Things have been pretty crazy since around January 6th. My husband got laid off from his job due to lack of sales. Since it was a new position he could not draw unemployment..which sucked. Hardcore. It's been a difficult month - not knowing what the future holds financially sorta sucks. Thankfully our bills were paid and we were on the constant look out for another job. Fast forward to yesterday - he got a really awesome job. In fact, he almost landed this job at this exact same time last year. Seriously. So maybe good things do come to those who wait. I never doubted that. I pray continuously and thank God for everything, no matter what. I'm thankful he has this new job/new position where he can climb the ladder pretty quickly. It's better pay than he has ever gotten and the bonuses are amazing that he will get. So many worries were washed away yesterday. Glory be to God!! Having a pretty good flow of income just relieves my fears of diminishing our little cushion we have. Just praying and hoping for the best!!

Noah is doing great in Kindergarten. He is reading small readers now. They are learning how to write 1-16 and yet he is writing past 100. He is also doing double digit addition and they haven't even started any math yet!! The teacher contacted me a couple of weeks ago because Noah is starting to have a wandering mind in class. He isn't acting like he's into it at all and she was getting concerned. Well..he's bored. This child was counting to 10 in English, Spanish and French when he was two years old!! He knew all his basic colors, numbers,and said his ABCs. I had to have a serious talk with him and I told him that he had to stay on the same page as his classmates..he cannot just whiz through it and then start getting distracted when he is suppose to sit still in his chair. They are given new readers (for and five word sentences per page) every week. He reads and learns every book and is usually given a new one every couple of days. The teacher stopped me at the Valentine Party today and said he is doing phenomenal. I'm so proud of him!! Hopefully first grade will be just as good in the learning department.

Toby has grown so much. He is bigger than his brother was at this age and he is a total daddy's boy. Caleb has been home since losing his job and he has grown even more attached to him. He doesn't want me doing anything for him. At all. Matter of fact I can ask for a hug and he'll head butt me. lol, he's so cute but so rough!!! He is also destructive. He will tear up metal - no lie. He loves ripping into our books. Noah was never like this. Ever. He isn't really talking much other than the usual "mama, daddy, bubba, skysky (dog), Nana, Papa, Wes, huh, bite bite, bye bye, oww, here dough (here you go). He's a ham and so funny. He makes the cutest and funniest facial expressions I have ever seen. One thing that makes him JUST LIKE his brother - he screams and pitches horrible fits every single time he gets in the car. He never did this when he was tiny. Never! He was a total dream baby. I felt so relieved and lucky that I had a child that didn't scream in a car. Noah screamed bloody murder in a car from day one..well, till now. They HATE going anywhere. Toby must have picked up on it because about a month ago it started up. He screams until he loses his breath and pukes. He screams til I head a headache. I hate this. We can never go anywhere in our car without our boys acting crazy. They act like the car is a horrible torture chamber. ugh. Toby has also started making weird sounds with his mouth. He loves looking into his baby mirror in the car (he is still rear-facing) while he screams or makes sounds. He also gets into everything. He is very picky lately with food. He won't eat until he is ready to eat..and sometimes he goes to bed with nothing but a pop tart in his tummy. Must be his age because his brother eats like a pig!! Toby still pretty much sleeps through the night except for an occasional outburst at 5a. Not sure what that is about.

With everything we're doing on a daily basis I find myself with baby fever. I want a little girl so bad I can't see straight. While I love being a mom of boys, I feel as though I'm destined to also be a girl mom. I know it is totally up to God though. Honestly, I'd love another boy..but then I would know that would be my last. No trying for #4. C-sections aren't anything to look forward to. Trust me. So, not sure what we'll do. We want to try again maybe next yr..and hope for that little girl that I believe we are suppose to have :)

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