Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trying to keep up!

We had Toby a pirate birthday party and alot of people came. It was fun & Toby was in a good mood throughout the whole party..which lasted almost five hours! I'm surprised because I figured he would get tired and fussy. Caleb could not take the entire day off, which upset us both, but he was able to come for about an hour and a half. He got to see Toby open his presents but couldn't stay for the cake. Caleb decided against the other job because of many different factors. I'm glad because I wasn't feeling good about it at all. I just want a good change to come soon. Toby got alot of cute fall clothes and some new toys. He also racked up on got $80! The party wasn't as organized as I had planned and it wasn't all that I had planned but it was enough I guess. I just always want things to go as I have them in my head..which isn't realistic I know. I took Toby to his 1 year check-up and he weighs 23lbs. He is completely off formula now, has been for a week or so now. The last couple of days he's had some bowel issues and I'm starting to wonder if he's lactose intolerant or if it's teething time again. He is big into pointing lately. He points at everything and always says "hey" when we come into his sight if we've been in another room. He waves constantly, too, which is so cute. He loves playing peek-a-boo and he says "tee tie" I guess trying to say "pee pie"..His personality has really started to shine through and we're loving every minute of it. He stands alone but still doesn't take steps. He crawls everywhere though and wants to get into everything. He pulls out his brothers dvd's out of the entertainment center but I have been making him put them hopefully that will help teach him to put things back where he got it. He still likes playing in his pack-n-play but he wants to pitch a fit when we first put him in there. Once we walk away or into another room he's fine and will start playing with all his toys. He loves giving us precious open mouth kisses and when he hugs us he says "awww" sweet! A few times when I've told him I love him he'll say "la la" and I'm assuming he's trying to say love you ;)

Noah is doing good in Kindergarten and was getting good stamps in his Barnyard Talk agenda..until last week. He got two yellow dots two different times. He was playing istead of cutting paper during center time. So we had a big talk and took some of his favorite things away..It was hard to do because yellow dots aren't really a big deal but we want him to understand he has to pay attention at all times. The next day he was excited to bring home a stamped agenda :) We gave him his things back and told him he was doing a great job and to keep it up. I'm proud of him. He's a little monster at home and doesn't want to listen to anything we say...but at school he seems to have it together. I know its a new experience and all children are going to have their bad days..but I want him to have more good days than bad. He's doing great and I hope the rest of the year is full of stamps:)

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