Saturday, July 2, 2011

Very Scary Moment..

Thursday Noah woke up complaining with his tummy hurting. He vomited a few times and then felt better. I chalked it up to being a little stomach bug and we went on about our evening. Woke up Friday morning feeling great. We played with colored bubbles, he jumped off the high end of our carport, and was his normal active self. Woke up this morning extremely pale and was doubled over in pain. His stomach was hurting him so badly that he threw up..twice. Caleb was getting ready for work (go figure, but he ended up calling in which i'm thankful for) and I was going to jump in the shower so I could get ready and take Noah to the doctor. As I was taking the quickest shower of my life, I heard a thud. I yelled out to Caleb and he told me that Noah collapsed in his bathroom and couldn't get up. I jumped out of the shower and ran in there to him. Caleb had him in his arms and he was pitiful. I got dressed, threw a few things in a bag for Toby and we loaded the boys up. It didn't even take 3 minutes to do all this yet it felt like eternity. I was going to all an ambulance but since we live in the boonies, I figured I could get him to the ER quicker myself. I quickly dropped Toby off at my grandmothers and off we went to the ER. We drove 70 mph. Unsafe? Yes. But I was so worried. He would barely talk to us and his eyes kept closing. Very unlike Noah. He was doubled over in pain and crying. We got there and NOONE was in there. Thank God! They sent us straight back to a room. PA came in the room and asked what the problem was. Told him everything. He said "it's probably strep". I said absolutely not!! There is no way this is strep throat because he hasn't even had a sore throat!!! I told him this was abnormal and I wanted tests asap! He kept on saying how it was going to be time consuming and that we'll be there for hours. I said "OH WELL!" My peace of mind and my son's well being is much more important to me and we'd stay there however long it takes to find out what's going on. So he agreed to order a CT. They also did labs.

While Noah was drinking his Sprite w/ contrast, the PA comes in the door and says "Just got his bloodwork back and I agree with the CT, his white count is extremely high and that is most definitely not normal". YA THINK?! He was very nice and was good to Noah, but come on! Where's a real doctor?! Long story short, Noah has Mesenteric Adenitis. It's where his lymph nodes in his belly are extremely inflammed and swollen. It can be mistaken for Appendicitis, which I was almost convinced that's what was wrong with him. It has to run it's course and he will be on clear liquids for two days. I'm just thankful it wasn't anything requiring surgery or anything serious. I was a nervous wreck. Seeing your child doubled over in pain is the absolute worst feeling. Not being able to help him or take the pain away was almost unbearable. They have him 2mg of Morphine while we were there and sent him home on Lortab. So far I haven't had to give him any and hope I don't have to! He hasn't complained too much tonight so I'm hoping the pain is leaving for good. He got IV fluids for quite a few hours plus I've been hydrating him here at home. From what I understand that's the best thing you can do while dealing with this condition. I'm just thankful he's ok!

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