Thursday, June 30, 2011

bahahaha..scratch that!

My last post must have been when my mind was half gone. Now it's completely gone. I am wanting to get a building/playhouse for our backyard. The last post I was explaining how I found the exact one I wanted. Wrong. 64 sq ft. Seriously?! Did I think that was big enough? Umm, no. It's definitely not. The one we are giong to have to get isn't "only $1449" but more like $4000+. It has enough space for tons of toys, kids, crafting, etc. $4000 isn't exactly going to fall out of a tree so I think my plan has to wait. Shit.

My mind is now completely gone, for any of you that's wondering. This week has been incredibly stressful and this day is about to drive me nutso. I'm in desperate need for a mani/pedi and no time for one! I'm tired of the zebra print on my toes and my nails are starting to look trashy. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh


On top of that, Bo is a biter. He's biting everyone and I'm having to stay on his heels every second of the 11 hours he's at my house. Thankfully they are paying me daycare rates so it's worth it. For now. Sometimes I wonder why I use the word "yes" when people ask me questions...whyy.

Gotta keep moving on! Tomorrow will be better! Stone Mountain with my hubby and boys next week. 4 day mini getaway and I'm so ready!!!

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