Monday, June 27, 2011

New Project!

Since last week, I've gained another child. I was only keeping one child and said I was not going to add on, but I got a call on Friday and I didn't turn them down. Bo :) I kept him before I had Toby & it was his parents decision to place him into daycare. Big mistake. They have hated it ever since & so has Bo. So now I have him back. He is a handfull because he's learned to be "street smart". Daycare has turned him into a little turd. He bites, pinches, pulls hair, and growls...but I'm hoping here at my house, around loving people, he will change. I get tired of having 4 active kids in the house all day long with very little outside time. I cannot run in 3 different directions chasing kids, so I opt to not take them out when I'm home alone with them. So, here's what I'm fixing to place in our back yard/field...

A playhouse!

 It's a 8' x 8' x 9'7" Cobblestone Cottage Wood Storage Building

•Single decorative door on front

•Includes treated floor joists

•2 x 4 construction

•Includes 32" x 72" service door on back

•64 square feet, playhouse & storage shed

•5' high sidewalls

•Overall 9' 9" peak height

•Includes decorative trim

•Includes two operable windows with screens

•Includes decorative faux gable window

•Includes wooden floor
I'm going to put AC in it and everything. Have linoleum flooring put in and everything. I want to paint one wall with chalkboard paint and let them have at it! A couple of pieces of childrens furniture and we will be set for hours! It's plenty of room for playtime and it will allow my house and my dogs to rest for a while, lol. I'm also going to have a little porch and deck built and have it as cute and cozy as possible. The building is only $1449!!! Totally worth it. Then on weekends when the kids toys are put away and Caleb is off (whenever that is) then I want to go out there and have quiet time and scrapbook! I need a scrapbook/craft room anyway. I'm so so excited about this. LOL, My mom said she was going to have me a sign made for the playhouse and it will say "BBs Playhouse" insead of PeeWee's Playhouse. bahahaha.
Every child that I have ever kept has called me BB, so I thought that would fit perfectly. I can't complain about keeping an extra child too much, I'm going to be getting about $569 extra than I had before..and every little bit helps! So hopefully I can get my building in working order and set up asap! Now watch Lowes not have any in stock!

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