Saturday, July 16, 2011

New pics!

We went to Stone Mountain last weekend and had a great time. Noah did have tummy issues while we were there but he started feeling better after he ate. I was worried the issues with his swollen lymph nodes were coming back, but nope! So glad. Noah has been to Stone Mt before and loves it but this was Toby's first time and he did great! Loved every moment of it. We also went to a place called Funopolis, which was cool. They had bumper cars, bumper boats, and other inside games. Noah and his dad had a ball!! It was such an amazing time that we got to spend together! I got tons of pics but figured I would only share a few on here. I realized when we got home that I did not get a single picture with the boys :( I'm always behind the camera. I don't like pics taken of myself, but memories with my boys is most important. The last picture, of Toby's feet, was taken at TC Thompson's Childrens Hospital last night. We had to take him because he had a 102.8 temp and we had no idea what was going on. Come to find out it's a viral infection. He seems alot better this afternoon, thankfully!

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