Monday, July 18, 2011

Boys Update!

I got a letter a week or so ago & Noah did not get into the school of our choice. Although I was really upset over it at first, I'm ok with it now. He will go to the second best elementary (in our town) and it will be perfectly fine. I can save the $500 that was supposed to go to the other school. I cannot believe my Noah boy is already going into kindergarten! I know everyone says it, but time really flies! It seems like yesterday I was holding a tiny Noah baby in my arms and now he's a big boy. He weighs 50lbs now and he's about 48 inches tall!! My big boy. He just started sleeping in his own bed. Finally. We've been co-sleeping since day one and it has been challenging to say the least. Noah was never the type of baby that you could just leave in his crib. He would scream for hours and even vomit and turn blue because of it. I had to have him sleep with us or else. We should have had him in his bed a long time ago but he would always beg to stay in our bed and would start to cry. I don't like tears. Last night was his first night sleeping in his own bed and he did great. He was actually excited about it! Caleb was excited, too! He said it was the first time in five years that he's gotten to snuggle up against me. Bless his heart. I am not use to sleeping next to Caleb so I didn't sleep good at all. Caleb is like an inferno and I was sweating all night long and I figure it'll take a while to get use to him again. Sounds horrible, I know. I'm thankful Toby will sleep anywhere we put him. So now my husband has his wife back. I don't know why I feel so guilty though. Noah doesn't seem to mind and he's 5.5 yrs old for crying out loud! I just need to keep reminding myself of those things. Noah is so incredibly smart and can figure anything out. We can't get much past him without him knowing exactly what we're saying or doing. He can count to almost 100 without help and loves to sit while I read to him. He's very hyper but will sit still and let me read as many books as he has without even moving. I'm so proud of him. I love him more than words could ever express and those big blue eyes just make my heart melt. He's only lost his two bottom teeth but he's hoping to lose more soon..only because he wants money from the tooth fairy. He's all about saving money and when the time comes, he knows exactly how he's going to spend it. He is really hoping his new big boy teeth come in silver....

Toby is a little over 20lbs and he's such a sweet and laid back baby. He hardly ever cries and he still sleeps through the night. Every now and then he'll wake up and be grunting. I'll either give him his passy or go ahead and feed him. He normally only takes a couple of ounces and he's right back to sleep. He has seven teeth. Four on top and three on bottom and I never even knew he was teething. He's such a happy baby! He isn't crawling yet but he will get up on his hands and knees and rock..then sit back down and continue playing. He doesn't really have the drive to crawl or I think he would be. He would rather sit back and watch his big brother. He will stand and hold onto things but he hasn't taken any steps yet and he will not stand without holding onto something. He says uh-oh, mama, dada, Oah (Noah) and he's only said that a few times. He signs for milk when he wants it and will wave and say bye bye...but only when he wants to, never when I want him to. He smiles constantly and you can see it in his eyes. I also love him more than words could ever express.

A few people I know are expecting and it really does give me the fever. I honestly would get pregnant right now if I knew it was the "right" thing to do. I almost wish it would just happen so I wouldn't have to worry about planning it. I have been on the pill since I've had Toby so I doubt it will "just happen" lol, unless I miss some pills! I always forget to take them so maybe it will. I'd probably panic if I did get pregnant because of the whole c-section thing. I am still not over that. I will never understand why things could not have gone smoother during delivery with Noah. Makes me sad. I labored 12-14 hrs with no pain meds..nothing. .trying to have a drug-free/natural delivery. Noah's heartrate was starting to drop so a c-section was a must. I don't regret it because Noah was born healthy and happy, thank God!! I just know c-sections can be dangerous and they're not easy to recover from. I actually recovered alot faster after Toby & was able to walk around Home Depot just a few days after Toby was born. It took me weeks after Noah. Of course I had pneumonia, too. Ugh. I just want to make sure it will be ok for me and baby if I decide to get pregnant again. It bothers me that I have to get permission (not really, but feels that way) from my doctor. Buuut, I would love to have a daughter. A little Natalie Rose. LOL. If God has other plans then I guess we'll be studying boy names again :) As long as our babies are healthy!

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