Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birthday parties, babies, and preggos!

We have been trying to plan Toby's 1st birthday party and I think we have a theme picked out. We may rent a huge water slide so all the big kids can have fun while they're here. Toby too of course! We were at a birthday party yesterday & Toby went down his very first water slide with our cousin Whitney. He loved it until they were at the top and it got dark. I don't think Toby is going to be scared that easily. I just can't believe he's fixing to turn ONE! My itty bitty 6lb baby is now over 20lbs and getting so big. I bought a little velcro crown with a 1 on it at Target and I can't wait to take his bday pics :) I'm so excited because I know exactly what I want! Even though I'm not a professional photographer, I can still make some pretty good pics & it will be all the more special because I took them :) After Toby's birthday we have exactly a month before we start planning Noahs! He wants to do a carnival theme party this year but we'll have to wait and see how the weather turns out...especially since we will have to have it outside. Hope it's still semi-warm!

Onto the subject of babies & preggos! Several people have just found out they're pregnant and it's causing me to really want another one asap. It's a thought that I struggle with and one I keep pushing to the back of my mind. My plate is full right now. Keeping extra kids, Noah starting Kindergarten, Toby hasn't even turned one's just not a smart idea. My last refill for my birth control starts today so it's back to the dr so I can get another refill for the next 12 months...then after that we'll see where we're at :) I just can't imagine Toby being our last baby. After all, I am destined to have a daughter...I hope!

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