Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last Friday..

Caleb had one day off last week and that was Friday. Of course since I keep children, I am unfortunately stuck at home until the last child leaves, which is 6p. Once everyone was gone we got the boys ready and headed toward Downtown Chattanooga. We spend most of our time out there on days off, only because there's more to do & literally nothing to do in our little tiny town. I was excited because Caleb had a day off and we at least had a few hours of famiy time, which I cherish!! The whole way there Noah was pitching his normal little fit in the backseat. He hates going anywhere and constantly asked if we were going to the Aquarium. We told him we were, but he was going to have to play in the water outside since the Aquarium would be closed by the time we got there. We have an annual family pass but have hardly used it since I am not able to get off work til 6p. Noah finally chilled out once he found out he was going somewhere fun. Turd. Noah had a good time wading in the water and it felt so good to just sit down and conversate with Caleb. Toby happily sat in his stroller and watched his big brother romp around in the water. Afterwards, we walked to TGI Friday's. We figured since it was Friday that it would be crowded but we only had to wait about 10 minutes. We had a fantastic family dinner inside the restaraunt with no fit pitching, no paper wads flung across the room via Noah and a spoon...ahhh, success!! No drive-thru's, no crap food, no meltdowns...yay! Here's a few pictures of our little outing :)

My beautiful Noah boy!

Toby toes!

Noah chose this spot & wanted his pic taken :)

I love this shot of him!

Brotherly love :)

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