Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some things I just never want to forget...

Noah calling us "Ferbers." I think he's meaning to call us 'fibbers' but it totally comes out as ferber. I think its hilarious.

Today I made Monkey Bread. So I asked Noah if he wanted some. His response? "Do monkeys have to die in order for you to make that?" He was so very serious, too!

Noah always offers me a seat and holds the door open anytime he knows I have my hands full...and I never even have to ask him.

Toby loves clapping and does it all the time. When he smiles, his whole face lights up and his eyes are a beautiful moon shape when he smiles :)

Toby has 8 teeth now. Four on top and four on bottom!

Toby says "yay" when he claps and when I go to hand him his Gerber puff snacks he gets so excited and smiles SO big and balls his little fists up!

He woke me up this morning saying "mama" in his sweet little baby voice. Melts me!

I will write more as I think of them...I just never want to forget.

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