Monday, June 6, 2011


We found Max a home! I'm so excited because a lady that works in the office at UGA is the perfect match for Max. She lives alone with her little dog and she really wants to give Max the home he deserves to have. My in-laws are from Athens, GA and they are coming up this week to celebrate my birthday and mind & Calebs 8 yr anniversary, so they will take Max back with them and then to his new home. I'm very happy and feel that this is the right choice.

Took Toby to his 9 month check-up and he is still slightly above average in height and weight. 21lbs and 28in long. I love my big baby :) For a couple of weeks, Toby has been spitting up his puree food. Every single time he eats, it comes right back up. His formula stays down though. I mentioned it to the ped and just as I thought, he has mild reflux. He will be on liquid Zantac until he's one, then the dr will evaluate and see if it has gotten better. Hopefully it does. He has been doing great the last few days and has kept all of his food down, thank goodness. I also asked the dr why he thinks Toby hasn't even started to crawl. Noah was pulling up and trying to walk at 7 mo! Dr says there is nothing to worry about and babies all do things on their own time. I agree. I just felt better if I mentioned it. Toby does everything else he is "suppose" to be doing. He sits up, grabs at everything, rolls around all over the floor, tries to talk, and he just learned how to drink from a straw!! He is also trying to sing when we play pat-a-cake. He jibbers but its so cute. Noah has been doing a little bit better today as far as his energy is concerned. He's just board and has noone to play with. He's been getting irritated at Toby when he squeals or cries out..he he even popped Toby on the leg today! I was so upset by that and Noah got into big trouble. I have a problem with discipline, I'm too easy! Time to buckle down. I figured swimming would help Noah burn off some energy, but the whole time we're in the pool he constantly wants to hang on us and he's very loud. He doesn't even want to talk - just any type of loud noise he can make, he will make it. It's so frustrating. So pool time hasn't been as fun as I thought. The first day we got it, we had a blast...ugh. I'm inviting my little cousin over this week to hang out with us and I think that will help Noah alot. He needs someone to play with and to splash around in the pool with. I hope it works!

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