Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The frustration is building...

I have been struggling lately. I have had a couple of good friends since graduating high school. Even though we never got together regularly, we still chatted daily and I had that female friendship. For the past couple of months I'm only wanted when I'm needed & frankly, that bothers me. They only text or call when they're upset over something or if they need advice. I feel as though I'm a great friend and I always have an open ear, however, if they go weeks/months without contacting me..why bother only when they need a listening ear? I feel used. They also are eager to get in touch with me when their children are selling things from ball teams or schools. I have 0 real friends. Its so frustrating because I am a stay at home mom with no "breaks" and I love adult conversation, especially from my female friends. I have been praying alot lately about so many things and I'm trying to become a stronger person. Praying that God hears my cries and picks me up. Of course now I'm talking about more than just friendships, but this is my blog & I can get random if I want :) I'm just so tired of being used. Phone calls at 2am with a friends drama-I wake up and talk. I calm them down. Text messages about another drama- I text back even though I'm very busy. Because I'm a friend. A real friend. I only wish I could find someone like myself. Sounds conceited but thats not how I meant it to be. I'm just tired of being lonely and feeling stepped on.

I don't normally talk about my issues or things I'm facing and I don't plan to start now. I'm just in a funk and I feel like I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Its there, I know it is...just have to trust God to guide us. After that little sad talk, I want to clarifty that everything is fantastic within my family unit. This has nothing to do with my marriage or family, thank God!

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