Friday, May 20, 2011

Toby Time!

Since the last post was about Noah, I thought I would write one on Toby, too. He will be 9 months old on June 1st and is still the most laid back baby I have ever seen in my life. Thank goodness because if he was anything like his brother, I'd be all crazy instead of half-way there ;) Toby weighs 20lbs and has the sweetest smile and deepest dimples. He has 7 teeth now, 4 on top and three on bottom. Even though he has teeth, he still refuses to chew so its only puree for him! Someone gave me two cases of Gerber baby food because their baby is only eating table food now & Toby will not have it. He will take one bite and cry until I get it out of his site. He will not eat baby food in a jar. If I prepare it fresh then he will eat it. I spoiled him by doing that though because he started out on homemade baby food and thats all he eats. I guess it has more flavor, who knows. So now when I want to feed him sweet potatoes, I have to bake two potatoes in the oven for an hr LOL. I use to bake about three or four and once I pureed them I'd pour them into ice trays and freeze. Well that doesn't work now because he wants to eat 3-4 cubes at a time and its not time efficient anymore. So its best to just bake as he eats I guess. He is still not crawling. He'd rather sit in the floor and play or jump in his jumparoo. If I place him on his tummy, he will pull himself up onto his arms but will not push up onto his knees. I figure he will when he gets ready. He's learning how to clap and "patty cake" and its so cute. He will sometimes wave when I say "bye-bye", but only when he wants to. He is going to be more stubborn than Noah. Toby still sleeps through the night and takes 3-4 hour-long naps about twice a day. He will occassionally have 30-40 minute naps here and there, just depends on how active we are. I'm so proud because if I'm holding him when he goes to sleep, I'm able to lay him down and he stays asleep! He says Mama alot, especially when he wants attention or wants me to pick him up. He's not really saying anything else, although he has called my dad "Papa" quite a few times. I've been signing 'milk' to him for  a couple of months and every once in a while he will do the hand motions, but i'm still not certain if its coincidence or if he is really catching on. Either way, I'm a proud mama!

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