Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So much has gone on since my last post. A couple of weeks ago Noah had his tonsils and adenoids removed. I was so nervous and I couldn't wait for it to all be over for him. I dressed him in his cute little St Patty's Day pjs and off to the hospital we went. We got there and was called back into a room. Noah played his Nintendo DS while we were waiting, poor guy had no idea what was fixing to take place. I tried to prepare him, but how do you get a 5 year old to fully understand all things medical? You can't. They came in to draw blood and the tears started flowing. He was so scared but he actually did better than he did when he got his flu shot this year! I was proud of him. Then they came in with two little cups of "sleepy drink". He drank those down and kept playing DS. We were then moved to the recovery area right before we met with the surgeon. Then Noah started acting goofy. It was the funniest thing ever and I could not stop laughing. He all of a sudden looked up and said "hey, what DID they do to me?"...Then he tried hanging off the foot of the bed, kept flailing his arms and laughing hysterically. Good thing Caleb caught it all on video! The surgeon then came in and they were wheeling Noah out (Noah didn't care by the way - he was smiling and laughing). I gave him a hug and he said "hey, there's two of you". LOL!! It was cute. Once they wheeled him away I was a basket case. I cried the whole way down the hall and back into his room. I prayed continuously for God to take care of my little guy & He did. I had no doubts about that anyway. Not even 12 minutes later the surgeon was calling me telling me Noah did great and it was over! Whew. I was allowed to go back to recovery (just one parent allowed) and a small child was also back there waking up from surgery and he was screaming at the top of his lungs. Noah was just waking up and became extremely upset because of the kid next to him - so we were moved to another room. Noah was spitting up a little bit of blood and then started gagging nonstop, even trying to dig toward the back of his throat with his hand. It took two nurses to help calm him down and get everything under control. I was crying and all upset because I wasn't expecting that. Not sure what I was expecting really. I just didn't want to see my baby in pain. The next week was horrible. He ran a low grade temp, which is normal, refused to drink or swallow his saliva. We had it rough. He did have a small tinge of blood a few days after his surgery but the nurse told me that was normal, especially if one of the scabs (i cringe at that word) on the back of his throat came off. It scared me because sometimes the bleeding doesn't stop and they have to go back into emergency surgery. Thank God nothing like that happened! Noah's first day back to school was yesterday and he had a rough time with it, but only because he was so use to being home for two weeks. I'm taking him to an eye specialist on Thursday because he's been having light sensitivity and complains about his eyes watering. I'm hoping he doesn't need glasses because he will pitch. a. fit. He doesn' take to change too well.

As for Toby, he's growing like a weed! I took him to his 6 month check-up and he weighed 18lbs and was 27 inches long. Big boy! I made his first batch of baby food the other day and he loves carrots! It's only the second time he's ever had baby food and this was much better. Apparently he hates apples. Everything checked out well at the dr except for a slight ear infection. He's on antibiotics for the next week or so. He's the most chilled out baby I've ever seen in my life! He hardly ever cries, he rarely gets fussy and I never even know when something is bothering him because he's so content. He also jut cut his very first tooth YESTERDAY!! I was so excited I squealed! I'm excited yet I'm sad because I'll miss his little gums. Sounds crazy I know. I still have baby fever even though I know it wouldn't be wise to have another baby right now. I'm giving myself two years to think about it. In the mean time I have to remember to take my birth control pills because I can sometimes go days without taking one...I forget. Not good. Luckily, Calebs work and school schedule forbids us to have sex. LOL.

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