Saturday, January 15, 2011


We've had so much snow the past week and it's finally starting to melt. We ended up getting around 7-8 inches, which is more than we've gotten since 1993. I'll be glad when it's all cleared out. It would be ok if Caleb didn't have to drive to work everytime the roads ice over. I finally got a call from the specialist and Noah's appointment is Jan 20th (rescheduled because of snow). I'm fairly certain the surgery will be scheduled then. Noah hasn't been complaining with his throat or anything and I've tried keeping him inside as much as I could, even though I let him play in the snow a few times. I couldn't resist! He's been such a good boy and I've enjoyed having him out of school for the past week. Toby has finally found his feet and he constantly grabs onto them - he's such a ham! I've noticed that I'm seeing more and more green in his eyes and I'm wondering if he might end up with hazel. Time will tell I suppose. He smiles all the time and laughs when he sees Noah jumping around or talking to him. Toby thinks everything is funny. I am absolutely in love with my boys. I would love to have another baby before Toby turns two - its a while away but something that Caleb and I are already talking about. I'm not sure if we'll have fertility issues again, but if we do I'm prepared and content with my two boys. God has blessed us so much. Here's a few pics :)

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