Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Noah (5yrs) and Toby (4months) both had dr appointments the other day. Noah was still only 46" tall and 48lbs. He's only gained two lbs in two years. I just don't understand it. He eats like porky pig and never gains. Must be because he's so hyperactive. Toby on the other hand, is a chunker. Head circumference was 17.2", he was 25.2" long, and 16lbs 6oz!! Whoa Nelly, he's a biggen :) The ped said Toby did not need physical therapy on his neck because he's progressing wonderfully. Thank God. I've been working with him multiple times every day and now he is able to hold his head up during tummy time and when he's sitting in his bumbo seat. I tried baby cereal with him for the first time today and he hated it. He didn't even swallow a bite and he made the most aweful face. Poor guy. He drinks 6oz of formula every 4-5 hrs and goes even longer during the night. Not sure why he's gaining so much weight. But he's healthy! Noah has had enlarged tonsils for quite some time and has had a few throat infections, strep, etc. The ped said he was wanting to keep an eye on it but it has gotten worse. His tonsils and adenoids are so enlarged they are obstructing the airway. I'm waiting to be referred to an ENT specialist. I'm fairly certain he will be having surgery very soon. I'm so stressed out and I do not want my baby to be put to sleep - scares me to death. I try not to let it show around him, but its hard. Hopefully once its done he will be able to sleep better at night and won't be so whiny. I think his throat just bothers him so much that it causes him to be ill. I just hope and pray all goes well.

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