Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I've meen MIA (updated)

So sorry I haven't updated in forever. My laptop screwed up and the only internet access I had was my cell phone. I refuse to use my blackberry to update my posts. I tried and it was taking forever. My keyboard on my phone is touch screen and it gets on my nerves. Anyway, I got a new laptop for Christmas!! yay! Thanks to my parents :) Here's a short but sweet update:

We had a wonderful Halloween. Noah dressed up like a ghost, transformer, and I forgot what else. Toby was a skeleton and a dog. We only trick-or-treated a few houses and then took Noah to a trunk or treat at church. He loved it so I think thats our game plan from here on out. It was pretty awesome. We took Toby but he stayed bundled up and in his stroller. At Toby's last appointment he was 14lbs and i'm sure he's much bigger now. He's a little chunker. The pediatrician noticed that he has a weak neck. He's unable to hold it up on his own except for a tiny amount of time, then his head drops back down. I call him my little bobble head. He needs physical therapy and I've also been doing exercises with him at home and that seems to be helping alot. I'm still waiting on the therapists office to call me with an appointment. Toby is starting to reach for things and he'll grab onto it and start chewing away. He laughs, giggles, smiles, coos...all the wonderful baby things. He's a very good baby and sleeps through the night still. Occassionally he will wake up around 5 or 6 and want an ounce or two...but then he goes right back to sleep. Noah is still very much in love with Toby. Always loving on him and giving him kisses. He tells Toby everything he is going to teach him when he gets bigger and it just melts my heart. Then there's the days where Noah is a turd lol. He has an attitude and whines ALL the time. I talked to the ped about it and she assured me it has to do with his age and the fact that he was an only child and got his way for so long, that now when he has to wait for a drink or something to eat, he gets inpatient and does not want to wait. Then the fit pitching starts. Some days it gets on my nerves so bad I just sit and cry. I recently became a member of Barnes & Noble and I ordered this book called You're Not The Boss Of Me: Brat-proofing your 4-12 year old. I read some of it inside the store and I couldn't stop thinking about it so I ordered it online. I still have yet to recieve it but I can't wait to get started. I hope it helps because my little Noah is turning into a brat super fast.

Caleb & I are doing great, just very much in need of a date night. I honestly think its been years since we've gone out on a date just the two of us and I miss it. I wish we had a babysitter for just a few hours per month, it would help us tremendously. He doesn't get home from work until around 2 a.m. and I'm already in bed, so theres no time then. Then the next morning I'm making breakfast, taking care of the kids, doing laundry, etc and there's no time for Caleb. Our relationship stands strong though and I'm so thankful. We also had a wonderful Christmas. Of course Toby didn't know what was going on, but Noah was SO excited! I did not take many pictures for Christmas, just video. As soon as I upload pics to my new computer I will update again. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!

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