Monday, October 25, 2010

Much Needed Update!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated my blog! Toby is almost two months old and is growing like a little weed. His appointment isn't until Nov 3 so I won 't know his stats until then...but I can tell he's growing. He is finally out of preemie's and is wearing 0-3 months, though some are still way too big. He pretty much sleeps through the night, although he sometimes wakes up once to eat. Noah is still a very proud big brother and loves him so much -- I am so blessed to have these boys. I love them both so much. Noah is doing very well in pre-k and he has started to love it. lol. He was starting to cry every morning but he's out of that stage now. Is it shocking that Toby isn't even two months old yet and I've already had a pregnancy 'scare'? Yeah, nuts I know. Call us Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. I only call it a scare because I had a c-section and I hear it's pretty risky to get preggo so soon afterwards. I already have baby fever and Toby is still tiny. I know it sounds crazy, but I already want another one. Hubby and I have always said we would only have two children, but I'm thinking we're going to shoot for a 3rd :)) YAY! Maybe, just maybe I'll have a little girl next. If not, then I'll have my 3 Amigos and will be done. I love my boys!

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