Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today - So Far So Good!

For the past three day's I've had horrible cramping in my lower abdomen around to my lower back. It alarmed me at first but when it didn't intensify, I figured it's just Braxton Hicks. Normally when I have B.H. they're not uncomfortable, not like this. I have not called my doctor because I don't want to lay up in L&D all day for them to tell me I'm having fake contractions. Oh, did I ever mention in my Memphis blog about me spotting? Well, I did. Only once. I'm an aweful patient because I didn't call my dr about that either! Anyway, labor with Noah was 100% back labor. It was aweful and intense and felt horrible. What I've been experiencing feels like back labor (and stomach), but I'm able to tolerate it. I'll probably mention this at my next appointment and see what the doc says. I've sat around and kept my feet up all day today and so far I haven't felt much. Hopefully I won't.

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