Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Such a Chore..

This baby will be here in 20something days and I would really love it if I could reach my stupid toes so I can actually make them look sort of ok. Just can't do it anymore. I need a pedicure and I'm guessing I need a professional one. I would probably end up painting my toes, foot, and ankles if I even tried. If I get a pedicure before baby arrives, it would cost me around $25-30. They best not tell me before the c-section that I have to remove my polish or they'll owe me some money honey. Normally before surgery all polish has to go, which really sucks because I normally keep my toes painted pink/red ALL year long...then when I take the polish off they're all stained up and they look, sorta trailer parkish. Know what I mean? It's just gross.


Beth said...

HAHA! I feel ya! I was hoping to get one last weekend but wasn't able to. Brent said, why don't you just do it yourself? I just looked at him and rolled my eyes.

Just don't have polish on your fingers and you should be fine. At least that was how it was when I worked in surgery. It's for the oxygen saturation monitor, which 99% of the time goes on a finger...most likely the pointer or middle finger at that.

Elsie said...

When I had my c-section last year, I'd just gotten a pedi the week before and nobody said anything. Just do it! It'll make you feel better! =)

Brandie said...

YAY, Thanks glad they won't make me take the polish off my toes - that would be the worst part of the csection, knowing I don't have polish on. BAHAHA!!