Saturday, July 31, 2010

So Confused..

I'm 30 days away from meeting my precious little bundle of joy. We've been calling him Landon & my hubby and I both love this name...but it doesn't do it for me. Everytime I say the name I feel like I'm talking about someone else's baby. So, I've found another name that I am really diggin'. I'm afraid to spill the beans because I'm not certain about it - I'm SO confused! baaaaaaah! 30 DAYS.


Elsie said...

I work in the birth center a the local hospital and I usually ask people what they're having and what the name is. Quite a few people come in with two or three names that they really like and then wait until they meet the little person before making a decision. Good luck!

Lucky Jones said...

As you know we didn't decide on names until we saw their little faces! Hang in there sweetie!!

BTW - LOVE the blog look - the header is adorable!