Friday, August 20, 2010


Woke Noah up on Thursday morning to get him ready for school and he was extremely tired. I figured it was because it took him forever to get to sleep the night before and too he's had a small cough. Got him to school and he started crying. Not something he had done all week - matter of fact, he was excited to go to school. So I stayed for a while and he was still teary eyed. The teacher was talking to him, he sat in her lap, and he seemed to be ok. I left...with tears in my eyes and feeling like I was abandoning my precious little boy. I got home within 15 minutes and called to check up on him. Teacher said he was participating in the group activity but he was still acting upset. I told her I would come get him but she told me to give it 3o minutes, just to see if he would calm down. 10 minutes later she was calling because he was throwing up. My poor baby! I rush to the school (feeling like such a bad mom for leaving him in the first place) and the lady at the desk said "little Noah told his teacher to take him home & the teacher told him she didn't know where he lived..he said to take him to Bonds Road". Teacher said she didn't know where that was and to just wait because I was on my way and he said "come on and I'll show you". My poor little guy!! I picked him up and gave him tons of love all afternoon. He started running a pretty high fever so my mom and I took him to the dr last night. He has pharyngitis and is on antibiotics for the next 10 days. His little throat is hurting and he hasn't eaten anything all day, but he is drinking plenty of fluids. Last night his fever got up over 103 and I gave him a luke warm bath and was alternating Tylenol and Motrin for fever. Around 2 a.m. he woke up throwing up all over our bed, my pillow, and was just aweful. I stripped the bed and washed him off, changed his clothes and we moved to the couch. Caleb walked through the door from work right about that time so he was able to help re-make the bed and get us situated. Noah's fever finally broke around 3 and I finally went to sleep somewhere after 4 a.m. I had a dr appt this morning at 10:30 and was there til after 12. All he did was check the heartbeat, my weight/bp, and urine. What a waste of a visit and my gas! I wasn't even checked! I did lose 6 lbs..which excited me. lol. I've gained a total of 15 lbs. Not bad.

I'm just so exhausted today. I've been hateful to Caleb and I have no patience when it comes to my phone ringing. I don't even want to talk today. Ugh, I hate feeling like this. Noah is feeling a little better - still no fever! yay. Hopefully he'll get well this weekend and can start school back on Monday. I don't want him to get out of this routine because it has been working so nicely. Of course if he's sick, he's staying home with me no matter what -- I just don't want him to think he can get out of school just because he's tired, doesn't want to go, etc. I'm really hoping to get better sleep tonight, I feel like a complete zombie. I'm crampy, feeling tons of pressure, and it feels like my vagina is about to explode.


Turning the Clock Back said...

poor thing! (you AND him!) Hope you both are feeling perkier soon!


Beth said...

Aww, that sucks. Hope he feels better soon!!

Lucky Jones said...

Oh honey! (((HUGS!!!))) Poor little Noah, and poor you - you need a "me day". If I lived any closer we'd be going out for pedis and massages!!!