Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I think I'm crazy

I was having contractions that were pretty painful, but irregular. Those have since died down but I'm still feeling menstrual-like cramps all day, everyday. I feel so much pressure "down there" and it's so uncomfortable. I've also been having sharp little pains down there, too. The baby is definitely head down and when he decides to move & I feel him on the outside - its waaay low. Honestly, there is movement where my c-section scar (and its way low) is. I can imagine him just falling out any minute - its that bad. I can't wait for my dr appt on Friday, I want to know whats up. This isn't normal and somethings up. Will update after my appt on Friday!

By the way, I woke up in the middle of the night singing kid songs. My mind obviously thinks I need to entertain my children while we're all sleeping...I'm nuts. I put odd things in the fridge when they shouldn't be there to begin with, I tried putting Bo's (cousin) bottle nipple on the milk jug instead of back on his bottle. I just want to be normal again. LOL

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Beth said...

I had those contractions for 2 weeks before I went into labor and movements were definitely that low. I think you're fine! Maybe you'll go into labor on your own and be so far along by the time you get to the hospital that you wont have to have a c-section!!