Monday, March 22, 2010

The School Box & Extreme Fatigue.

The in-laws were up over the weekend...and when they come for a visit, we are on the road pretty much ALL day and half the night. I have been wanting to go to The School Box for a couple of weeks and finally got around to it on Saturday. I've been doing pre-k workbooks with Noah for a little over a year now and he's beginning to get bored with them. Seriously, you just learn the alphabet (which he already knows) and you circle the pictures that are different from the rest. He has that down pat. So I get to the school box and I want to buy everything in site. I ended up getting him some kindergarten books and the "first pencils", the ones that are really fat. I also got him a writing tablet with the dotted lines. The reason I'm doing this is because kids have to know how to write before they get to kindergarten. I had no clue! I thought kindergarten was all about teaching them their ABCs, teaching them how to write, etc. Nope, not anymore. My cousin just started this year and they're already learning addition/subtraction, counting over 100 - by 9s. Seriously?! In kindergarten? Since Noah loves to learn and he's very patient with workbooks, I'm going to sit him down a few times a week and we're going to learn how to write! He knows how to write his name (with a little help), so I know we have a lot to work on. I just think it's ridiculous how school systems have changed. When I was in kindergarten all I learned how to do was write my name, color within the lines, and only had to figure out what 2+2 equaled. Geez.

I know my posts about pregnancy are probably repetitive, but oh well. My pregnancy with Noah was amazing. I had tons of energy, I felt great...even felt pretty. I walked every single day, was a nanny to two kids under 4, took them to the aquarium twice a week, even took them trick-or-treating the night I went into the hospital to have Noah!! I loved being pregnant with him and I felt like I could run a marathon. Weird thing, I weighed more with him than I do now. Looks like I would have had less energy. Now I have none. I can go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 7am feeling like I have been hit by a train. I can take a nap, put my feet up, forget the housework...and I still feel like I can't move. I also feel really ugly. I feel like no matter what I wear or how I fix my hair/makeup, I'm just disgusting. We can be at Walmart for not even 10 minutes and I'm already looking for a place to sit down. Very unlike me. I love shopping & I've never been the one to sit down. Ever. My iron levels are perfect, my vitamins make me puke, I drink tons of water, still only a couple of diet cokes per day. Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant. I just wish I didn't feel like a lazy person. I've never been lazy...I have no time to be. I've always been the one to do the dishes at night because it makes me cringe thinking I have dirty dishes in the sink while I'm sleeping. Now, LOL, dirty dishes are in the sink all day and night before I get around to them. Does it make me feel guilty/lazy? Sure it does. I don't want Noah to think he has a lazy mom...and I don't want Caleb to think he has a lazy wife. In reality, Noah doesn't even pay attention to stuff like that and Caleb always helps me around the house & tells me how lucky he is to have me. I absolutely love them both. They're my whole world and I can't imagine my life any different than it is now...except I *could* have more energy. ;)

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Chelsey said...

I'm not pregnant, but I have a big lack of energy... Hopefully things'll pick up once the baby comes!

About kg -- I know -- it's crazy! It's because preschools are starting to teach the 'share, print and colour within the lines' curriculum. Don't forget to focus on the lower case letters and not the capitals as much. Don't worry about it though... I'm sure he'll be fine!