Monday, March 15, 2010

14 Weeks!

That means I only have to wait 6 more weeks to find out if I'm having a boy or a girl!! Seems like an eternity away -but I'm hoping it goes by pretty quickly. I'm so excited and anxious about it. Everyone is still saying I'm having a girl. I think it's because they want me to have a girl, not because they have an intuition. We'll see in 6 wks.

Noah still talks about his baby alot and it makes me all warm and fuzzy! I really hope he doesn't feel left out when the baby gets here. He's been the center of attention for 4 yrs and I know this will be a shock to him. A baby that will share his space, stay here 24/7. I'm sure every parent that has a child already has that same feeling. Even though I know we will always pay lots of attention to him, still take him to the park, etc - I still have a little worry that he'll feel left out. I know it will work out and things will fall into place. We'll get a schedule/routine going and things will be just fine.

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