Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beautiful Day

I went on a picnic today with Caleb and Noah. We grabbed some McDonalds (thats all I seem to want lately if we eat out-horrible choice, I know) and headed to the Battlefield. The wind was breezy, but our picnic table was located in direct sunlight so it turned out to be a really nice time. We talked, ate, and looked at the little stream. I absoultely love being outdoors and today really gave me a boost of energy that I very badly needed. I have felt so much better yesterday and today. I don't feel as 'hungover' and I can actually clean house without feeling like I've been hit by a mack truck. It all has to do with my vitamins I think. I quit taking my prenatals for about a week b/c everytime I did I threw up. I felt guilty for not taking them, so I started back - and now I take the vitamins right after I eat and it stays down! Yay!! I go to my dr appt on Friday. Can't wait to hear the hb :) At that appt I will know when the big u/s is. I'M SO EXCITED!!


Beth said...

Try flintstones if these vitamins don't work out.

Lucky Jones said...

How funny - I craved McDonald's cheeseburgers around this time too!

Vi said...

I wish we could be enjoying picnics here but it snowed once again last night. I loved hearing my children's heartbeats! Enjoy every second of it. Oh yeah I tagged you in my blog.