Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Why did I complain/worry about having no symptoms of pregnancy? Now I have nausea that will not leave. I can't eat. I feel so yucky, but I know it's so worth it :) I never had nausea with Noah at all, although certain scents made me feel yucky. Now if Feb 5th will hurry up and get here so I can get that u/s.

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Lucky Jones said...

LOL see? that's what you get for complaining! Seriously, you will be fine :) When I did have a little bout of nausea here and there I ate a piece of crystalized ginger (check in the spice section at the store). It worked fast :) Also try the motion sickness wristbands, found at most drug stores. I wasn't a fan of them, but they did help...

As far as scents go, for me it's milk. EVERY milk carton I open smells spoiled to me. I hope that goes away soon!

My next u/s is Feb 8th - can't wait to hear about yours!!