Monday, January 25, 2010

Caleb Turns 30!!

Today is Caleb's 30th birthday and unfortunately he had to work :( He's off Friday though and we're going to go out and celebrate!! I was sort of hoping my parents (they live next door) would watch Noah Friday night and maybe Caleb and I could stay out a little later than usual, maybe see a movie -- and possibly stay overnight somewhere. My family and Noah will be with us for dinner, etc...but I really need some alone time with my hubby. We *might* have one or two nights a year. Noah never even stayed with my parents overnight until he was a toddler. lol. My mom is a nurse and both my parents work 5 days a week, off on weekends, so that's their downtime. I can totally understand that & they have watched him while we ran to the grocery store or ran errands. They love Noah but they're not babysitters. I just want Friday night to ourselves. We have NOONE else that we even remotely trust with Noah, so we may end up coming back home after the birthday dinner and skipping all the other stuff. I crave conversation with Caleb. He works from 3p-12a.m. and during the day I'm so busy with Noah and Bo (5 mo old cousin I babysit) and we have no time. lol. Noah is a talker and of course we always conversate with him - and we kinda leave each other out sometimes.'s hoping we get to spend Friday night doing married couple stuff ;)

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