Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm feeling so much better today. I finally got to eat! I ate only a little before feeling queasy, but I ate and thats all that matters! lol. I'm not sure if I have a stomach bug or if it's because of the pregnancy. Most everyone in my family has been sick this week, so who knows. My best friend had her ultrasound today and she's having a girl!! She has two little boys and definitely wanted a girl this time, so I'm happy she got what she wanted. I put a Lily Pie pregnancy ticker on my blog - I almost stopped myself because I feel like I could be jinxing myself, but if something goes wrong all I have to do is delete it, right? I hate this feeling.

I've been stuck in the house for so long now and it's driving me crazy. We had planned to go out tomorrow night to celebrate Caleb's 30th and now my brother is so so sick. Yuck. It never fails, we plan to do something and we all come down with something. I just hope he feels better soon and noone else gets this nasty bug. Also, we're suppose to have some severe winter weather this weekend - starting tomorrow. I almost want to laugh because this is Chickamauga, GA...and schools close when they see a flurry! lol. We never ever have snow that even remotely covers the soles of our shoes. We might have ice patches on the roads, but snow? Yeah right. I'll believe when I see it.

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