Monday, January 11, 2010


Hcg levels were checked for the second time today and I'll be getting the results in the morning. I am praying the numbers have at least doubled...that will definitely chill my nerves out a little more. The phlebotomist did blow my vein today - either that or she hit the artery in my arm. It looked like a large grape under my skin and it was very hard. I couldn't bend or move my arm for almost the whole day. I put an ice pack on it and kept my arm bent. Thankfully its feeling much better tonight! Its all worth it anyway. Maybe I'll be posting a good news blog tomorrow :)

In other news, noone has found my Romie :( Every single time I go outside and feel the cold air, I just cringe and think about what he must have went through. I'm still terribly upset over this, especially since I wasn't 100% wanting to re-home him in the first place. I feel like it's my fault that he's gone and now I'll never see his sweet little face again. I love him so much and never wanted this to happen.


Lucky Jones said...

Romie running away is not your fault! Dogs do that sometimes, it just happens... I hope he is found soon..

Woohoo on the test results! Those numbers are gonna be sky-high!

Brandie said...

Thank you :) I will message you as soon as I find out!!

Monica said...

You can't take any blame for Romie being missing!! Don't be hard on yourself. It was completely out of your hands. That vein thing is ouchie! Hope that gets to feeling better. Let me know what your dr says after you get to talk to him about your levels!!!