Friday, January 8, 2010

Lots of emotions.

The past week and a half has been a very difficult one for me. My poodle was re-homed due to my husbands inablity to become attached to him...and the home he went into is a very good one. I could keep in contact with them and see pictures all I wanted. They bought Romie (my poodle) a new coat, collars, leashes, etc. Took pics and shared them with me - it was amazing. He loved them as much as that family loved him! Last night around 8 pm, he escaped and has been missing ever since. I'm devastated beyond words. I'm so sad to think my little Ro is out in this cold...or maybe even frozen to death :( I'm praying so hard that someone found him and he's in someone's warm house. I'm praying with all the flyers thats being posted, someone will return him to his new loving family. I'm so sad.

In other news, I found out we're expecing again. I am extremely nervous and scared considering the miscarriage last month, but all I can do is pray and leave it all in God's hands. We want this little bean so badly -and we're praying hard! They believe I'm only 3w4d and my HCG levels were 240.5 - which they said was excellent. My progesterone was also really good. I go back Monday for them to check it again. It's hard for me to get excited because I'm so affraid. Hopefully my numbers will continue to rise. I go back in two weeks for an ultrasound :)


Lucky Jones said...

Well of course you know I am so excited for you and your family with your new bean :) I just think that it's gonna be so great for you this time around!

I am also praying for little Romie - he was probably found by someone with a warm home and is all snuggled up right now :) He will be found!

Beth said...

I'll be praying all goes well...with the baby and Romie.

Not Perfect said...

I'm sorry to hear about Romie. Hope he is found soon!!!