Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hcg #2

Ok, so to say I was a little freaked out yesterday is just putting it lightly. I called yesterday morning to get the results of my second beta and it took forever for them to get back with me. A nurse (not my nurse) calls me yesterday afternoon and tells me the results are 19,038...and in her voice I could hear concern. My dr was in surgery and had not even looked at the results yet and she said she could get in trouble if he found out she was telling me this. I hung the phone up and didn' t even know what to think! Those levels are way too high - I'm only around 4 wks. So I get a call from my wonderful nurse this morning - my levels are 1,938!! Perfect and exactly where they should be! I worried for nothing and was so excited that the "nurse" misread those numbers to me yesterday. Honestly, I want to find her and slap her face :) Ultrasound is scheduled for next week, the 21st, and I'm hoping to see a gestational sac and the fetal pole!! Praying hard!


Lucky Jones said...


Hoping to see a sac and pole? You are soooo gonna see two!! I am so happy for you, these last few days have been nerve-racking and crazy I know :) So glad to see your mind at ease and happy!!!

Can't wait to see the progression of it all!

Brandie said...

If we see two, I will be ecstatic!! I'm really wanting to start getting excited :)

Beth said...

OMG!! That's so exciting!! Hope all continues to go well!