Sunday, January 17, 2010

4 days

Only four days until my u/s...and I'm so nervous! I was never this way when I was expecting Noah, but then again I'd never had a miscarriage either. I never had many symptoms with Noah and didn't even know I was pregnant with him until I was over 5 wks. I'm thinking I'm 5 wks now (although I'm not quite sure) and I still feel nothing, other than occasional breast tenderness. That doesn't even last very long at all, it goes away just as quickly as it appears. Not sure if I should worry about the lack of symptoms, but Carol keeps informing me that I don't have to be emerged in my toilet bowl in order to be preggo! She's expecting twins (yay!) and didn't have any symptoms either!! Yesterday I did have about 2 minutes of being dizzy..also had some stronger cramps. Not severe, but enough to feel. I've had that on and off today also. I'm praying Thursday will ease my fears and everything will be ok!

Noah is growing up so fast! He's getting taller and sometimes it makes me sad. Even though we still cuddle up at night and sometimes during the day, I miss bundling him up in my arms and rocking him to sleep. I miss him running around in his little walker and blowing baby spit bubbles! They grow up fast. I have so many wonderful baby memories and pictures (and of course video) that I'll always have, but I still miss that time. He just turned 4 and this age is wonderful, too. He picks up on things very quickly and is very smart. He started counting in Spanish at 2 and was already saying his ABC's. I never had to 'push' things on him, he automatically wanted to learn. He use to be into tractors - now its trains! He absolutely LOVES trains. Noah keeps asking about the baby in my tummy, and asks if it will be able to live with us :) I told him the new baby will live with us and that sometimes he'll have to share his toys. He got so excited!! At bedtime every night he has so many questions about "his baby". I absolutely love being a mom and couldn't imagine my life any other way! I'm very blessed.


Lucky Jones said...

I was just thinking today that you only have 4 days left to catch that first glimpse of your baby!!! I am so excited for you!!!

Noah is getting so big too! He's gonna be such an amazing big brother :)

<3 ya!

Brandie said...

Aww, thank you!! I've been so emotional today & reading this has me all teary eyed! You're the best <3