Sunday, September 6, 2009


If you've been reading my blog for a while (about a year), you might remember that my hubby lost his crappy a$$ job last July. Long story short, he landed an amazing job so many crazy months later. Anyway, he works with amazing people, gets amazing monthly bonuses, and works his butt off every single day. So last night I was chillaxin at my parents house and I suddenly realize I left my stupid cell phone out in the car. So I go out to get it and its ringing - and its Caleb. He won a Nintendo Wii at work!! Oh. My. Gosh. We had to sell our beloved Wii last year when Hubby lost his job and needed surgery. We were hocking everything we owned just to get extra money. And a year to the date, he wins another one!! I was so happy and excited for him - and Noah was equally ecstatic. We use to have family Wii nights (just us 3) and we had a ball. All that was taken away when we had to sell it last year :( But now we can start that up again. awwww.

Other news, Noah's "spots", as he calls them, are almost 100% better. Know what that means? Pre-k on Tuesday. Sniffle. I love my little baby boy so much!! He was walking down the hallway earlier and accidently hit his head on our laundry room door - and he came crying to me and said "mama, I broke my head". Bless!! He's the cutest, sweetest little boy I know.

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Lucky Jones said...

Thats so cool!!! I have wanted a wii :) that's amazing that you got it back after a year :)