Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our Long Weekend

We met Caleb's parents in Chattanooga on Thursday and stayed in a really nice hotel downtown til Sunday. It was fun. Relaxing. We had to take Noah to the dr last Wednesday because he had these little circles all over his little arms. After hours dr said it was bug bites - wrong! He still has them and now they've spread and gotten worse. His pediatrician yesterday diagnosed Noah with Impetigo. He was suppose to have started pre-k today, but dr won't allow that until he's all better. He's on a jug (seriously) of antibiotics, and I have to do a regimen on his skin a couple times a day. It's just been so hectic - I still haven't recovered from the worry of not knowing what's on his skin! I'm glad to know what it is now. . .I just want it to go away! He feels fine and doesn't show any signs of being sickly, thank God.

In other news, I've been seriously thinking about vlogging. Doing a video a day. I wonder if anyone would watch?

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