Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's ok

I'm starting to feel better about everything. I think when I start constantly thinking about something - it just gets worse and my mind just goes in overdrive. I'm trying to not do that.

So, I'll be MIA on blogging (both blogs) for the next few days. My in-laws are coming up and we'll be staying with them at a hotel in Chattanooga. Just getting out and about - doing what we love doing most!

In other news, I had to take Noah to the dr today. He started breaking out in these chicken pox looking splotches. It's not chicken pox, dr thinks its just some kind of bug bite. Not sure how he can be bitten over 20 times without me noticing?? He sleeps right beside me every night so I know it couldn't be anything in our bed, or else I'd be bitten too. Dr prescribed him some cream that I'll be applying twice daily - so I'm hoping that clears it up soon!! Pre-k starts next Tuesday!!

CALEB is off for the next 3 days!! Whoop Whoop. He also just got a $650 monthly bonus - and guess where its going? Bills. ugh

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Lucky Jones said...

Have a great time getting away!! Sorry to hear about Noah, maybe is some sort of heat rash or allergic reaction??