Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Plane Crash Dream: Update

Noah decided to tell us today that he see's a plane blowing up in the sky. He said he also see's people falling out of the explosion, and watches the plane crash to the ground - in our yard.

Okay, here's the thing. Noah has NOT heard me talking about my dreams, I've only written them down. Another thing, I may or may not have mentioned in my last post, the dreams I've been having- I see the planes exploding or coming to the ground near our home. Even the one dream where the plane went down at the convenient store - thats at the end of our road!

Oh jeez. What now?


Lucky Jones said...

Ohhhh that's weird... My nephew does that, it freaks my sister out when he describes her dream. And my sister (same one) and I both had dreams last night about a child named Rosie. In my dream it was her daughter and in hers it was a sister of a friend.

My other sister and I would have the same dreams too. When we were teenagers we switched rooms and in her old room/my new room we each had dreams of a woman with long wavy hair. We didn't know for years until we were talking about how creepy that room was and she described my dreams. I nearly jumped out of my seat!

I wouldn't worry about planes actually crashing but I hope Noah isn't scared of what he told you.

Brandie said...

Wow - that is soooo neat!! Could it be that maybe your baby(ies) could be a little Rosie?! lol

I do believe dreams always mean something, even if sometimes we can't explain it. Noah isn't scared. .he was just very confident with his story. He's seen things, talked to family members who has passed away (I have some pretty neat stories). .but we've never had the same dream before! It's all very surreal.