Friday, August 21, 2009

Pimp His Ride

Here it is 1:35 a.m. and I'm on here bloggin. Why? Because my hubby is on his way home from work, driving his Toyota Tacoma - with a plugged tire. He ran over a nail weeks ago. Why did I just go into detail? Because hubster's plugged tire has been slowly leaking air for weeks. Did he put air in his tire before going to work? No.
Here's how the phone call went down about 5 min ago:

Him: Babe, my tire is so low I don't think I'm going to make it home.

Me: Did you forget to put air in it today? I've told you to put air in that tire every other day, babe.

Him: Yes, I forgot. Sorry.

Me: Do you have change so you can stop by the convenient store and use their air tank?

Him: Shit. No.

Me: Just go by the store and use your atm card. Withdraw money and voila!

Him: Okay, let me call you back. Almost there.


{Phone rings}

Him: What's my pin number?

Me: How the heck should I know. .I don't use your card!

Him: Let me send you a pic of my tire on your cell.

Me: Umm, ok. .but what can I do about it?

Him: Sending pic now. On my way home.

Me: *Sigh* Ok, be careful.

AAAAAAAH. Love my hubby so much. But he's eitha gonna have to put a new tire on his ride. ....or he needs to learn how to keep air in it.

I'm going to plant a I told ya so kiss on his purty little cheek :)

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