Friday, August 14, 2009


Caleb is off today and we all got up early this morning. I'm finding that if we get up early, we're all in a better mood throughout the day . .weird, huh. Took Noah to get a hair cut about an hour ago - another flat top! So cute - he looks like a little man! I'll def post pics of him later on. He loves to cheese for the camera! Also took our shih-tzu to the salon to get his hair done. Poor guy couldn't see for all the hair in his face and would bark at nothing. I don't like to take him so often because it has gotten expensive! BUT, the dog salon sent me a $5 off coupon to use. . so I had to call and make him an appt. Whenever we drop off the dog, Noah gets confused and keeps asking us why we left his dog. lol, so for the next hour and a half we have to keep explaining to him that he's getting his hair cut and then we'll go back and pick him up.

Since the Shiz is out at the salon, our poodle doesn't know what to do with himself. He gets all sad and droopy eyed, lays around, and follows me EVERYWHERE! He's needy. And too, I'm the only one in this house he's attached to. I wuv my poo.

Was wanting to go see The Time Travelers Wife tonight but I think plans will have to be cancelled, which makes me sad. Caleb and I go on (Seriously) about 2 dates a year. . .and they don't last over 2 hours. lol. We have no babysitter, which is okay. We take Noah everywhere we go - fit pitching or not! He likes to throw tantrums sometimes but he's getting much better about acting like a "big boy". I also think once he starts pre-k in a few weeks a lot of that will change and he'll grow out of some of it. Off to finish my day with my guys!


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