Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Of 'Those Days'

Woke up not feeling so hot today. Kinda down, but not sure why. I'm ok though. Sitting here typing away while my Noah boy is playing XBOX 360. He loves the classic games like Pac Man, those old racing games, etc. He's so cute when he gets totally into his games. He'll yell at the tv, cover his face when he 'loses', and then jumps up and down in excitement when he comes in 3rd place! Thats my boy!! God, I love him.

In other news, a meteor shower happened last night and I couldn't even watch it because it was cloudy out. Booo!! Oh well, maybe another one will happen soon. I could sit out under the stars all night if I could. So peaceful. It's the best time to just be and breathe.

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Cr4zySAHMandArmywife said...

My son does the same with the wii. Aren't they cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog.