Friday, July 31, 2009


Since this weekend is tax free weekend for all school supplies, we hit the local Walmart to get Noah his very own backpack and lunch box. He chose Spiderman! sniffle. Spiderman is a big boy choice - and that just tears me up. He use to like Lightening McQueen, Mickey Mouse, Little Einsteins. Now. It's Spiderman. We also got a notebook, glue sticks, and some pre-k books. He just informed me that he wants to ride a rocket ship. Why not. He's already leaving me for school.



Lucky Jones said...

Aww, he's growing up! My niece's favorite character is Spiderman too, she was Spidey for halloween last year. She's 4 now :)

Brandie said...

awww!!! They do grow up fast!