Friday, January 30, 2009


About my dad. He was admitted into the hospital last night because of appendicitis , a blockage in his small intestine inflammation in the diverticula. I was so worried because of the extreme amount of pain he was in. I'm here at the house with Noah and all I could do was sit by the phone and wait on mom to text me. The doctor said it wasn't anything life threatening (thank God a million times!!) and he didn't think he would need surgery, so hopefully it will correct itself over the next few days and he'll be back to feeling better in no time. I hope mom is resting okay up there, which I know she's not because she's too busy worrying about dad. . .I know this because I'm her clone. I thank God for my parents every single day and I would NEVER in a million years trade my life with anyone, I'm incredibly blessed. Anywho, I just hope and pray things get better from here and my dad gets out of the hospital soon!! Noah made his Papa a sweet get well soon card. He put dinosaur stickers, buttons, a heart, and his handprint on there. .and I know that will surely make Papa feel much better! I would write more but I'm tired and I'm all out of thoughts . . for once!

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